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Larry BraunerYou may have landed on this page after spending time on my blog. Perhaps you were curious to learn just who Larry Brauner is. No matter how you found your way here, I appreciate this opportunity to tell you about myself.

A former Manhattanite now living and working in Rockland County, NY, I’m a Google Adwords certified search engine marketing and social media strategist with a passion and a skill for developing creative and comprehensive solutions to complex business problems. I’ve applied this capability in many areas, which include market research, computers and actuarial forecasting. Presently, I focus my efforts on SEO, SEM and social media for web-based marketing, branding and PR initiatives.

The journey that led to my immersion in social media marketing and the web began with my experience in market research. During that period, I devised analytical processes that supported the marketing initiatives of some of the largest U.S. companies, and were instrumental in achieving their ambitious growth and profitability objectives.

When I discovered social media in 2006, I immediately realized it would dramatically enhance the usefulness of the Internet. Therefore, I decided to master social media and to see where that mastery would lead me. As I’ve built my social media expertise, I’ve gained insights into many ways that businesses can leverage the social web to achieve their goals.

Client Websites

Gevril Group
Save On Party Goods
Parkview Family Dental



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You can find my latest resume at larrybrauner.com.

Gevril Group

Gevril GroupGevril Group, directed by company founder and long-time creative force in the watch business Samuel Friedmann, is the exclusive US representative for select European watch brands, distributing and servicing luxury, fashion and Swiss timepieces at a wide range of price points. Gevril operates a full-service watch repair staffed by master watchmakers. A consultant at Gevril Group since 2010, I provide a wide range of services:

  • Shape consumer opinion, facilitating customer acquisition and retention.
  • Serve as both webmaster and editor-in-chief of Gevril Group’s blogs. Produce and publish top quality web content, enhancing the company’s image and generating tens of thousands of monthly site visitors.
  • Optimize website to increase traffic and engagement, portraying an image congruent with the company’s stature and ambitions.
  • Analyze marketing, web and business data, identifying opportunities to improve marketing, sales and web-based initiatives.
  • Manage listings on eCommerce sales channels
  • Recruit, train, supervise and mentor marketing and design professionals.

IDT Corporation

From 2005 to 2009, as business analyst at IDT Corporation, a global telecommunications company and leading supplier of international calling cards:

  • I developed and interpreted predictive data models and key performance indicators in order to maximize the profit of IDT’s marketing strategies and business rules.
  • I specialized in analyzing margin, customer retention, churn and bad debt — the most important factors in determining a customer’s lifetime value to a company. Understanding and managing these factors are critical to any company’s success.

Eric Marder Associates

From 1978 to 2001, I held a variety of positions at Eric Marder Associates, a once preeminent market research firm that served top companies from 1960 to 2010:

  • I computerized the business and refined many research and operational processes.
  • During the years that Eric Marder and I worked together, he often sought my opinion, and I reviewed the design and analysis plans of scores of complex custom marketing research projects for clientele that included AT&T, Pfizer, Hewlett-Packard, and American Home Products.
  • I collaborated with Eric Marder on The Laws of Choice, a groundbreaking book on marketing research and choice behavior. Mr. Marder wrote in his Acknowledgments section that I “did the computer work, consolidating studies and generating new analyses as required. He was my severest critic. I felt confident that if I could persuade Larry of something, I would be able to persuade just about anyone else. His contribution was invaluable.

Prior to joining Eric Marder Associates, I served as an actuary in the pension consulting field for Mercer and for Buck Consultants.

Non-Professional Accomplishments

Former #16 U.S. Junior Chess Player; former #1 American player & teacher of the oriental Go game; twice NYC Marathon finisher. Achieved basic proficiency in cello and in the Talmud — both as an adult.

Contact Information

Contact me directly at larrybrauner [at] yahoo [dot] com.

What Others Are Saying

“I enjoy working with Larry - I’m impressed with his social media ‘know-how’ and his hard work and conscientiousness.” Ruth Dombroff, Brand Manager - Sales, Gevril Group, 2/2011

“Larry Brauner is one of those rare people you hardly ever find in the workplace—an approachable genius. He can take the most complex information and simplify it so it’s easy to understand. His morality is as deep as his intellect, and you can trust anything he says. He moves around the Internet as if it were his own neighborhood uncovering valuable resources that less accomplished professionals would probably overlook. He has a deep understanding of online social networking, marketing best practices, mathematics, statistics and the intricacies of business communication in an electronic world. He’s also hard working, has a great sense of humor and his knowledge is treasured by the hoards of people who have been fortunate enough to be on the receiving line of his advice and counsel.” Jack Goldenberg, Copywriter and Creative Director, Einstein, da Vinci and Goldenberg, 11/2010

“Larry is a highly competent business analyst whose ability to quickly grasp the most complex issues facing a company is a valuable asset. His expertise includes delving deeply to verify the integrity of data that will be the basis for measuring various aspects of business performance. During his years of experience in both the actuarial and marketing research fields, he acquired an extensive portfolio of mathematical, statistical and other analytical tools, which he draws upon to creatively design the most appropriate methodology for a particular project. Larry’s creativity is also evident in the manner in which he expeditiously resolves technical and other obstacles. He conveys project findings clearly and incisively, while also providing novel insights into the ways in which they can best be used to increase sales and profits.” Moshe Kravitz, Director of Finance, IDT Corporation, 6/2008

“Larry is a valuable asset to our marketing group and provides rich, in-depth analysis on many different acquisition and retention campaigns that truly help us plan for future projects. He is intelligent, a pleasure to work with, and reliable. I have learned so much from him and his contributions to our organization have brought us to a higher level of strategic marketing efficiency.” Maureen McCormick, Marketing Director, IDT Corporation, 8/2006

“Larry is the rare individual with outstanding conceptual and implementation abilities. His skill and creativity were integral to our success.” Larry Krauss, Vice-President, Eric Marder Associates, 8/2006

“Larry consistently conquered complex data-analysis problems, spearheaded many ventures into new computing solutions, while encouraging the growth and development of his staff.” Joseph Berman, Software Manager, Eric Marder Associates, 9/2006

“I worked with Larry at EMA for over 4 years. EMA conducted major projects for AT&T, CBS, HP, Scott, Visa, General Foods, General Mills. He was Chief IT at the time. Larry was incredibly gifted, both as a programmer and mathematician. His dedication to his work was legendary among the group of thought leaders and scientists that Eric recruited for his think tank. He was always accessible. I came from the mainframe world to EMA with its DEC/IBM/Apple/Olivetti systems. It wasn’t until I opened my own shop, that I truly appreciated his skills. The software that Larry developed for EMA was light years ahead of its time. The systems integration was flawless and allowed us interoperability across multiple platforms and operating systems. More important, it allowed all EMA users to maintain stringent controls on the quality of data and analyses; integral to the accuracy and predictability of EMA models or to any research.” Carmine L. Calabro Jr., Market Researcher, Eric Marder Associates, 12/2011

“Larry is one of the smartest and most ethical people I know… and I know a lot of people. His analytic power and persistence in pursuit of the right information are rare. At EMA Larry dealt with fast-changing modeling of consumer data, with all its irregularities, and was able to find the patterns in that data (I helped by providing programming skills). I say fast-changing, because job requirements were very fluid, and models needed to change on a dime. Anyone seeking a leading staff member characterized by intelligence and experience in analysis, as well as a good sense of humor, should give Larry a really close look.” David Alexander, President, Opal Computing, 6/2007

“Larry Brauner is indeed a Social Media Thought Leader and a great mentor, role model, and partner. In the brief time that I’ve known him and his Internet contributions, I have seen how creative, supportive, wise, and friendly he is. Larry is a great example of How To Do Social Media Right! I am definitely looking forward to working with him and learning more in the future.” Shari Weiss, Social Media Trainer, Performance Social Media, 2/2010

“Trusted advisor and thought leader are probably the two phrases that spring to my mind first whenever I think of Larry. I rely on his observations about the social space in his blog “Online Social Networking”, his Facebook posts, tweets, articles, anything from his mind that I can find and use for my ongoing education in, all things social online. He’s in my DMO.” William Baranowski, VP Sales & Marketing, Social Web Leaders, 10/2010

“Larry has been a beacon of clarity as I have been learning to use social media in the business sense. A lot about social media is written; little is as practical, helpful and useful as what Larry provides. His advice, analysis and perspectives are invaluable. Larry is generous with his time and help…and he never disappoints.” Ellen Elwell, President & CEO, Elwell Enterprises, Inc., 11/2010

“Thank you for all of your time and wisdom. I have met many folks through social media, but you are certainly one of my favorites.” Chris Patterson, President and CEO, Interchanges.com, 6/2009

“Larry is without question my number one social media authority. I read and study his blog posts at every opportunity, and he’s always accurate and timely. I would highly recommend to anyone interested in social media to follow him.” Stephen G. Barr, CEO and Group Publisher, SGB Media Group, 11/2010

“Larry’s business is helping other businesses navigate the intricacies of the web and online marketing. He knows the ins-and-outs of how to market yourself and your business utilizing tools readily available to you on the Internet, such as blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites. I like that Larry has used these resources effectively to market himself and his business. He doesn’t just tell you how to do it; he does these things for his own business, and finds that they work! He has had measurable success, i.e., traffic and subscription to his blogs, fans and followers on social websites, articles picked up and discussed on the web, and clients who hire him based on what he can do in all these arenas.” Dana Kramarenko, Principal, NexStep Innovations LLC, 4/2010

“I hired Larry as a coach to help me with social networking. To my surprise he has done that and has done so much more. Larry has shared many valuable marketing insights. He also helped me re-structure my blog, so that I could easily add subscribers and dramatically increase my search engine traffic. In fact, with just one suggestion Larry made, I was able to tweak my site and increase my search engine traffic substantially. It tripled every day for the first week after I made the change and continues to grow. Larry is the best coach I have ever had. His suggestions are very detailed, and he is able to do much of the necessary technical work for me. The time he has given to help me and the sincere interest he has taken in my business have much exceeded my expectations.” Linda P. Morton, President, Best Books Plus, Inc., 8/2008

“Larry Brauner has made an enormous contribution to those of us trying to keep up to date with the evolving social media landscape. His blog, which I recommend to everyone, is an invaluable source of information. Also he has provided several hugely successful opportunities for his followers to engage online. Following Larry is essentially taking a course in social media and new web marketing strategies. He’s my number one recommendation for a consultant for social media and web marketing strategies.” Barbara Kohn, Principal, Kohn Public Relations, 11/2010

“Larry Brauner has been a trusted friend and adviser since 2001. His intelligent, methodical approach to business and his desire to help others is exemplary.” Jim Long, Professional Health and Lifestyle Coach, Nexus-to-Success; Retired Cardiologist, 8/2010

“Larry is a wonder to work with. He knows his business as well as anybody. He knows the goals he sets. [He’s] very honest and up front.” Michael John McCann, Author and Owner, PurpleUmpkin LLC, 10/2010

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