Larry BraunerI once heard the following joke:

Q - How do you get rich online?
A - First you get rich; then you go online.

Now, I’ll re-purpose this joke for Facebook.

Q - How do you get lots of fans for your Facebook page?
A - First you get lots of fans; then you get your fans to “like” your Facebook page.

FacebookUnfortunately, these silly jokes are only partially jest. There’s truth in both of them. Getting rich online or creating a Facebook fan base from scratch are both very difficult objectives to accomplish.

Creating a Facebook fan base from scratch is precisely what bullet #6 was alluding to in 7 Issues to Consider About Doing Business on Facebook:

Facebook fan pages are more useful for marketing large businesses than small ones, since they won’t help to build your web presence unless, to some degree, you already have a web presence.”

Large businesses come to Facebook with lots of people who are already loyal to their brands and lots of traffic to their websites. Once their fans “like” their Facebook pages, critical mass is achieved, and their Facebook pages grow exponentially, virally attracting new fans.

If you’re finding it difficult to grow your Facebook fan base from scratch, become neither alarmed nor discouraged. It is difficult but achievable. In an upcoming article, I’ll provide you with a few ideas that may help you create your fan base, even out of thin air.

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