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Larry Brauner and in the media:

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  13. Making ‘social’ money, 12/30/09, Westfair Online, Alexander Soule
  14. What’s Nexus for Google mobile?, 12/17/09, 8 Simple Ways to Penetrate Social Media Clutter, Who’s Blogging What, Social Media
  15. Audio: Social Media and Online Networking, 12/09/09, KZYR 97.7FM Radio Vail Valley, CO, The Zephyr’s Community Focus, Rohn Robbins
  16. 100 Social Media Experts to Follow on Twitter (#56), 11/19/09, Pulse2, Amit Chowdhry
  17. Making a list, 11/12/09, ten takeaways showing that the [LinkedIn-Twitter] integration will have practical implications, Who’s Blogging What
  18. Simi mall hooking up with Shoptopia social networking site, 10/27/09, Venture County Star, Jenni Mintz
  19. Is email over?, 10/15/09, Is Email Marketing Dead?, Who’s Blogging What, Social Media
  20. The Most Useful Posts About Facebook, 9/22/09, List Building Using Facebook, Who’s Blogging What
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  24. Social Media Really Works, 8/5/09, Rob Moshe
  25. The Most Useful Social Media Posts of May 2009, Twitter Power System Review, Who’s Blogging What
  26. The Twitter Power System, 5/20/09
  27. The Daily Twit, 5/20/09, Blog Talk Radio, James Rivers
  28. Who’s On Twitter? What Happens When You “Shake Hands” With Your Followers?, 3/3/09, Web 2.0 Marketing For Small Biz, Peg Corwin
  29. United Way turns to Facebook to Drive Donations, 2/26/09, Medill Reports Chicago, Ellen Thompson
  30. Audio: Profiles of Success, 1/29/09, Blog Talk Radio, Stacey Chadwell
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