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Who says you can only do online social networking using social networking sites?

For quite a few years Max Steingart has been showing people how to use Instant Messenger to develop new friendships and business contacts online.

Today we have social networking sites available to us, however the real-time aspect of Instant Messaging makes IM a great social networking tool.

I recommend that you visit Max’s site, join his mailing list, and download a copy of his e-book, Make the Internet Your Warm Market.

Some of the key topics Max covers in his book are:

  • “What is your Warm Market and how can the Internet replace it?”
  • Why you want to use Instant Messaging
  • The Member Directory
  • The required steps to making a new friend or gaining a new client
  • Searching for the right people
  • How to start a conversation
  • Internet etiquette and safety

Not only will you learn another way to network, the training you will receive can help you network more effectively using any social networking site.

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