Larry BraunerIvana Taylor, consultant and author of the marketing blog, Strategy Stew, presented 10 Must-Do Marketing Tips for 2010 in the OPEN Forum Idea Hub for Innovation.

Reading through Ivana’s tips, I stopped at “Productize Your Services: It’s much easier to understand and purchase something that looks like a product.” This task has been on my list for a while, but now I feel compelled to tackle it sooner rather than later.

Team Collaboration TechniquesDuring 2009, I focused on researching, analyzing and blogging about social networking sites and social media paradigms. However, I’ve already formulated some key objectives for 2010, which include closer collaboration with peers.

Here are ten of the many ways we might be able to collaborate in the year to come:

  1. Brainstorming - Teaching each other and working together to find creative solutions to problems. I currently brainstorm a lot with close friends.
  2. Masterminding - Forming mastermind groups to help each other reach our goals by overcoming obstacles and remaining accountable.
  3. Networking - Sharing contacts, either directly, through new social networking sites or via other business networking groups.
  4. Lead Sharing - Providing each other with business or job leads.
  5. Blogging - Group blogging is a proven concept.
  6. Strategic Alliances - Combining our skills and resources to create synergies.
  7. Team Projects - Pure team collaboration, i.e., working together on projects together as a group.
  8. Blog Promotion - Using our influence to promote each other’s blogs and other content.
  9. Fan Page Promotion - Inviting our Facebook friends to join each other’s Facebook fan pages.
  10. Content Promotion - Bookmarking, linking to, commenting on, and retweeting each other’s content.

I can envision collaboration strategies such as these benefiting teams in a corporate setting as well.

Please share your ideas below before you go.

If you’d like to collaborate, send an email with “Collaborate” in the subject to collaborate at braunersolutions dot com. I look forward to hearing from you.

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