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Time for another article that has little to do with social networking sites.

In Top Reasons Why I Blog I listed my main reasons for blogging. Many of them relate in one way or another to making money.

Reason #15: “I can use it to promote people, products and services.”

In plain English I’m stating that I can make money with my blog by selling stuff.

Another great Inside CRM post begins:

“Blogging is big business these days, with some bloggers reporting six-figure or even million-dollar incomes. There are a number of ways that these bloggers earn such large paychecks, and the best know how to do it in a way that won’t scare off readers.”

Read 101 Ways to Monetize Your Blog Without Irritating Your Readers, and your eyes will open up to many exciting new money-making opportunities.

My personal favorite, one that suits my personality, is “If you’ve found success as a blogger, you probably have a lot of knowledge to share about mastering both the Internet and your field. Freelance as a consultant and get paid for sharing what you know.”

I’ll tell you about my new consulting practice once I finalize the details.

Considering too the many non-financial benefits of blogging outlined in my March 12th post, tell me, how can justify not blogging?

More on blogging, search engines and search engine optimization coming in future articles. So don’t miss any posts. Register, it’s easy, or subscribe to my RSS feed!

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