Larry BraunerThe old media are languishing. Brick and mortar retail sales are disappointing. Consumers are looking increasingly to the web for news, information and the best deals.

While very many businesses have successfully embraced digital media, an even larger number of businesses are still figuring the Internet out and wondering how much is real and how much is hype.

Sadly, many businesses will disappear because they feared technological change or were unwilling to invest in projects that lacked a clear return on investment.

Blockbuster was outmaneuvered by competitor Netflix, because they did too little too late. Read the Forbes article, What Blockbuster Video Can Teach Us About Economics.

I worked several years ago for a free newspaper containing local ads that’s distributed in my area. The paper is feeling the squeeze of the Internet and, as far as I can tell, hasn’t found a satisfactory path forward. The staff finds it more and more difficult each week to meet their numbers. I believe I can help. I met resistance when I suggested it a year ago, but I’ll try again.

Expect me to be offline more than on the next week or so due to the Passover holiday. I hope each of you enjoys and finds fulfillment in whatever special days you might be observing.

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