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We all like lists.

Now that I’m blogging for a few months, it’s time to list my top reasons why I blog.

If you blog, feel free to share your top reasons for blogging. If you don’t, perhaps my list will motivate you to start.

So here we go. These are the top reasons why I blog:

  1. I value a web presence, and blogging is the cornerstone of my web presence.
  2. It was easy to get started.
  3. Blogging organizes my ideas.
  4. It helps me communicate and to disseminate my ideas in posts such as Critical Success Factors.
  5. It tests my ideas.
  6. It preserves my ideas.
  7. My blog can provide value for my readers.
  8. My blog is a free sample of me.
  9. Blogging helps establish my credibility.
  10. It’s a form of online social networking.
  11. It works well with social networking sites and other social media sites.
  12. Blogging helps implement my personal branding strategy.
  13. It attracts people to me and helps me build my list.
  14. I can blog to promote people, products and services.
  15. I can blog to create viral marketing.
  16. Blogging is interactive. I can use it to share my opinions about business in posts such as The SpiderWeb Marketing System and ASD Ad Surf Daily Cash Generator and allow readers to provide feedback.
  17. Blogging endears me to the search engines.
  18. I can use it to stake out search engine keyword real estate. You can learn more about this from my Blog Marketing and SEO Training  series.
  19. Blogging anchors me.
  20. It builds my writing muscle.
  21. It’s a learning experience.
  22. Blogging helps me with my personal development.
  23. It helps me reflect.
  24. It helps me develop consistency.
  25. It sets an example for others.
  26. Blogging is cool.
  27. Blogging is fun.

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